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Trusted Cloud Solutions


Designed to work with any platform, our solutions ensure continual optimization, security and real-time insight. We build all of our solutions on solid architectural foundations and apply proven best practices and cloud design patterns to decrease time to market (TTM). We help businesses meet their goals through innovation, flexibility and cost-effective delivery of service. Using state-of-the-art tools and proven techniques in our solutions, we are able to deliver reliably, on time and within budget ensuring expected outcomes. Whether it is a fully cloud-bassd initiative or a hybrid solution, we will provide the expertise to deliver a solution with a competitive advantage.

Experience cloud development like never before - break free from proprietary products and achieve higher ROI through a flexible Temetrix solution.

Innovation at our Core


The true measure of an organization is its ability to repeatedly deliver viable solutions for its clients. We have embraced an innovative culture at Temetrix that enables for rapid deliver of sophisticated solutions for virtually any challenge. We are continually researching new techniques and working with our partners to identify new opportunities to advance our technologies. We enjoy the challenge associated with transforming organizations into leaner and meaner versions of themselves.

We believe in making the cloud, machine learning, and big data analytics accessible to everyone and endeavour to bring the best solutions forward for our clients.

Confidence in the Cloud


Temetrix recognizes that the transition to the cloud presents a number of challenges including security, compliance, reliability, performance and cost optimization.

Our Cloud Adoption Methodology assesses corporate readiness, identifies strategic opportunities for early ROI, and prepares corporate resources for the transition to the cloud. We develop views of the organization to facilitate a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) model. Coupled with a people strategy, the organization can leverage existing skillsets and maximize the benefits of rapid service delivery.

Delivering Outcomes


Why choose Temetrix for the Cloud?

We manage the complexity oh your behalf to provide simple and effective solutions for the whole organization.

Cloud services and technologies pose unfamiliar challenges when first venturing into the cloud. It can be an overwhelming experience having to deal with all of the different aspects simultaneously. Often clients ask themselves:

  • Which services are critical?
  • How do the services relate to one another?
  • Should I move my entire infrastructure at once or a piece at a time?
  • How will the entire infrastructure be secured?
  • How will we prepare the company from an human resources (HR) perspective?
  • How will we know if we are actually saving money by moving to the cloud?
We understand these concerns and are here to guide organizations down a path to success. We will start by empowering leadership to make the correct decisions and will work with the organization's' resources into ensure a successful transition to the cloud.

Cloud Confidence

Delivering outcomes based on current and future business needs.

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Secure and Compliant

Essential to business viability, security and compliance are never compromised.

Service Oriented

Build cloud services that are robust, scalable, and fully integrated.

Hybrid Solutions

Enable seamless integration of the cloud with your on-premise solutions with Temetrix.

Realtime Analytics

Enabling enterprise analytics at the core of our solutions.

AI & Machine Learning

Providing state-of-the-art artifical intelligence and machine learning solutions for operations.

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